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Talha Mehmood Alvi

Name: Talha Mehmood Alvi

Role: Assistant Manager, Study Consultants

About Talha Mehmood Alvi:

Talha Mehmood Alvi serves as the Assistant Manager at Study Consultants, contributing his expertise and dedication to the agency’s mission of facilitating educational and immigration journeys for clients.


As the Assistant Manager, Mr. Alvi works closely with the management team to support the day-to-day operations of Study Consultants. He is responsible for ensuring that clients receive efficient and effective support and that the consultancy team has the resources and tools needed to excel in their roles.


Talha Mehmood Alvi is committed to maintaining Study Consultants’ high standards of service. His vision is to continue enhancing the agency’s operational efficiency and client experiences, making it easier for individuals to achieve their educational and immigration goals.

Mr. Alvi’s contributions as the Assistant Manager are essential to Study Consultants’ ability to deliver top-quality consultancy services for education and immigration opportunities. He plays a key role in ensuring that clients receive exceptional support throughout their journeys.