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Samra Qazi

Name: Samra Qazi

Role: Marketing Manager, Study Consultants

About Samra Qazi

Samra Qazi is an accomplished Marketing Manager at Study Consultants, bringing her expertise in marketing and communications to promote the agency’s services and connect with clients effectively.


As the Marketing Manager, Ms. Qazi is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that resonate with Study Consultants’ target audience. She oversees digital marketing, content creation, social media management, and branding to ensure that the agency’s message reaches the right individuals.


Samra Qazi’s vision is to continue elevating Study Consultants’ brand presence and reach. She is dedicated to ensuring that the agency’s marketing efforts align with its mission to help individuals achieve their educational and immigration goals.

Ms. Qazi’s expertise as the Marketing Manager is vital to Study Consultants’ ability to effectively communicate its services and connect with clients. Her role ensures that individuals seeking educational and immigration opportunities are well-informed and guided toward success.