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Rimsha Saher

Name: Rimsha Saher

Role: Manager, Study Consultants

About Rimsha Saher:

Rimsha Saher is a dedicated professional serving as the Manager at Study Consultants. With a strong commitment to facilitating educational and immigration journeys, Ms. Saher plays a crucial role in ensuring the agency’s operations run smoothly and clients receive top-notch support.


As the Manager, Ms. Saher oversees day-to-day operations at Study Consultants, ensuring that clients receive prompt and effective support. She collaborates closely with the consultancy team to streamline processes, enhance client experiences, and uphold the agency’s commitment to excellence.


Rimsha Saher is dedicated to upholding Study Consultants’ reputation for exceptional service. Her vision is to continue fostering a client-focused environment, where individuals receive tailored advice and guidance to achieve their educational and immigration goals seamlessly.